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English version.

TOPIE is a collective book exploring the theme: Utopia. Overlapping the 10 years of Samandal, it offers some areas of debate on the principle of utopia, dystopia, heterotopia and their derivative subjects. Between science fiction, social fiction, documentary, and poetry, 17 Lebanese and French authors interpret the proposed theme. There are three versions of the book: Topie in French, Toupya in Arabic and Topia in English.

With Joseph Kai (LB) / Barrack Rima (LB) / Raphaelle Macaron (LB) / Lena Merhej (LB) / Alex Baladi (CH) / Edmond Baudoin (FR) / Carla Habib (LB) / Tracy Chahwan (LB) / Fouad Mezher (LB) / Ghadi Ghosn (LB) / Hatem Imam (LB) / Mazen Kerbaj (LB) / Omar Khouri (LB) / Vincent Longhi (FR) / Charles Nogier (FR) / Martin Sztajman (FR) / Paul Rey (FR) Covers: Jérôme Dubois (FR) / Mock-ups and graphics: Studio Safar

Under the supervision of Raphaëlle Macaron. 216 pages, 8 colors Riso print on white and colored paper, 3 silkscreen covers, 19 cm x 26 cm. English Arabic and English: three books. Published with the support of the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC), the French Institute of Beirut, the Goethe-Institut Berlin and the French Ministry of Culture.


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